How to Upload Mock Demonstration Paperwork

Once you have completed your proficiency demonstrations with an instructor you will scan the documents into one pdf file. If you do not have a scanner, you may also use a scanning app such as CamScanner from your Android or iPhone. Once you have the pdf saved, you will:

  1. Access the assignment module of the course from the outline
  2. Below the assignment title, you will see "Course Assignment" and to the right of that it will say "Learner's Response". Click "Learner's Response"
  3. Click "Choose File" under the "Attachment" title and select the pdf file that has all of your proof of training documents scanned into one.
  4. Click "Submit Assignment"
  5. Your instructor will then get a notification that you have submitted the assignment. He or she will review the assignment for accuracy and approve your mocks (typically completing your course automatically) or reject your mocks with instructions on how to fix them. Keep an eye out in your inbox for either of these notifications.
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