How to Access and Complete Your Courses

Below are the instructions on how to access and complete a course that has been assigned to you.

  1. Accept your invitation or log in using system-generated credentials.
    1. There are two ways you may gain access to the course. You will either have been invited or created. 
    2. By Invitation: If you were invited, you will receive an email in your inbox with the subject line “Course Enrollment Invitation From”--open this email and select the blue box that indicates “Click to Enroll” to be taken to the login page.
      1. Here, you will need to confirm your first and last name and then create and then confirm a password. Once complete, select “Enroll Now”
    3. By Account Creation: If an administrator created you manually or if you purchased a course directly from the front-end of the website your account will be created for you. Simply check your inbox for an email with a subject line, “Your account on” which should arrive within 15 minutes of your order or account creation. 
      1. Select the system-generated password and copy it to your clipboard.
      2. Next, select the blue button on the email that says “Click to Login”
      3. Here, enter your email address and paste or manually-enter the system-generated password into the password field.
      4. Click “Log In”
    4. Next, you will need to confirm your contact information and address. The address information is necessary to mail you a wallet card as proof of training after course completion. If you will not be responsible for future course payments, you can make the billing address the same as your shipping address.
      1. Once you have entered the required information, select “Save”
      2. A pop-up notification in the top right corner of the screen will indicate whether the information has saved successfully or if you need to update a required field.
      3. Next, you will select “Courses” from the menu options at the top of the webpage.
      4. Here, you will see all courses you are currently enrolled in. 
      5. Important Tip: Add this page to your favorites, bookmark it, or make a note for yourself so that you can easily return to the website to complete your course if you need to leave.
      6. Find the course you would like to start with and select the blue “Start” button to the right of the course image.
      7. You will be brought to the first module of the course. Once a section is complete in a module, you can move to the next section by selecting the “Continue” button in the top right section of the course.
      8. Course videos must be watched entirely in order to earn credit for the module and change the status from “In Progress” to “Complete”. If you reach the end of the course and some modules are still marked as “In Progress” you will not be able to earn your certificate until the modules have been marked complete in the system. Return to those modules and complete all items in the module to mark the module complete.
      9. Important Tip: To save your video progress, always “pause” the video before navigating away to save your spot. If you navigate away from the page without selecting “pause” you will need to start the video over from the beginning.
      10. Some course items can be downloaded. To find out if the item can be downloaded, hover over the item or document. If it can be downloaded, a black banner will appear along the top edge with the option to download.
      11. Some courses have final exams, some have a final assignment, and some have both. 
      12. If you encounter an issue while working through the course or have a question about the material you can select “Ask a Question” from the tab at the top. There, select the blue button on the left entitled “Ask New Question” to submit your question.

Once you have completed the course you will earn a certificate. If you are in the course, you can download your certificate from the “Course Certificates” tab. Alternatively, you can select the “Certificates” tab from the main menu options along the top of the page to see all currently held certificates.

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