How to access progress reporting

This article outlines how to pull a complete report of all users who have been sent an invitation to join a particular course in the system. There are two types of CSV reports available, one for Invitation Status (Pending, Re-Invited, Accepted, or Cancelled) and one for Course Status (the user's progress in the course once an invite has been accepted). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This report is available for users who access a particular course through the "Manager" role (users assigned this role and other roles can switch between them using the dropdown located just to the left of the first name on the top right corner of the screen). 


To pull the report of pending and accepted invitations, enter the course, then select the tab entitled "Credits", then select "Export Invites" as shown below:


To pull a progress report of all joined users, select the "Joined Users" tab from within the course, then select "Export Joined Users" on the left side of the screen as shown below:

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