Lead Generation for Students

DrugTestingCouses.com and EaslerLMS are launching a new lead generation platform for our students and those who employ our students, its called Drug Testing Near Me can be found here: https://drugtestingcourses.com/employee-drug-testing/

Why sign up?

  • It's 100% free for students who have completed a qualified course through us or an authorized reseller, and it only takes 5-minutes.
  • We will direct customers who need drug and alcohol testing customers who need drug testing to MyDrugTesting.com where your name and credentials will proudly be displayed.
  • We promote the list at conferences, on our direct mail campaigns, and on our website at DrugTestingCourses.com

How can you add your listing?

  • Login to your account drugtestingcourses.easler.com or a participating reseller account who you purchased a course through.
  • Click on the "Marketing" and agree to the marketing terms of conditions.
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